Christmas Tree Decorating


Hello Everyone,


Before I start todays post, I would like to let you know that I have now officially begun my Youtube Channel and would love for you to check it out! The link for my channel is 

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Okay, so on to the point of todays post! I am going to show you guys the process of making my Christmas Tree- building and decorating this year. 


So firstly, I built the tree by matching the branches to the correct slots and put the mat around the base of the tree (for the presents). After I completed building my tree I fluffed it. Basically ‘fluffing’ means you spread out the branches so the tree becomes fuller and you can’t see through it. Due to mine being against the wall I focused more on the front of the tree for fluffing and only lightly fluffed the backside. It is very important to fluff your trees so the branches aren’t as sparse.



                              Un-fluffed                                                              Fluffed


Secondly I wrapped my fairy lights around the tree. I started from the bottom and evenly wrapped the lights around until I reached the top. 

TIP: Push the lights into the tree so the cords aren’t visible and it just looks like the lights are attached to the tree; not wrapped around. Also leave your lights on when you decorate the tree so you can see where the decorations need to go.


I then decorated the tree. This year I went for a silver and white theme- which I think looked modern and fresh. I didn’t overload the tree this year with decorations because I quite like the simpler look. I made sure to evenly spread around the decorations so they were not in one big clump on the tree.


I then put the beautiful angel on top. I’m pretty sure my family have had this Angel since I was little- so it goes on the tree every year.


And thats it! My tree took me quite a while, when I built it; because I like to make decorating the tree a joyous activity 🙂


Hope you guys liked this post and get some inspiration from it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


xx Jess


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