Coastal Retreat Essentials


Hello Everybody,

For a quick little post, I thought I would share with you my coastal retreat essentials as I am currently once again at the beach on holiday. Enjoy!


Apple Macbook Pro- 15 inch

Love, Rosie Book- Cecelia Ahern

Doodle New York (Draw A Day In The Big Apple) Book- Rob Merrett
Apple iPhone 5S Gold
Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen (any movie really, this was the one I was watching)
Bose Soundtrue Headphones (Large Muff)- Aqua
Rayban Sunglasses (not sure what style)- Tortoise Shell
Sportgirl- Let’s Glow- Body Shimmer Lotion
Tony and Guy Sea Salt Hair Spray
Wide Brimmed Structured Nude Hat
EOS Lip Balm- Strawberry
Revlon Colourburst Crayon- Audacious
Tea With Lemon- Black Satchel Handbag

What are some of your retreat essentials?


This is not a sponsored blog post

Let’s Fly, Fly Away…


Hello Everybody,

I apologise for my extreme lack of posts recently, I have been absolutely unexplainably busy.

So, as the holidays are almost upon us here in Australia (YAY! WOOP WOOP!). I thought I would do a post dedicated to them. After a ridiculously busy term with no free time (literally I had no free time), I have decide to make the most of these holidays. As the title suggests, I am flying somewhere these holidays; not quite. My family and I are going away but to a resort on the beach within a driving distance. I am so excited to get away from the busyness of my home-life and have a chill few days with my family, the beach, pool and shopping. I will blog the whole adventure when it comes, but for now I thought I would show you guys a few things that I will pack in my carry bag beach and classify them as my holiday essentials.


Things Above:

Kikki. K- I Love Lists Notebook
Victoria Secret Body Spray- Love Spell
Nars- Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
Iphone- 5S (Gold) with Mint Cat Case (courtesy Ebay)
Bose- SoundTrue™ around-ear headphones in Green (/mint)
Daiso- Mini Green Notebook
Random Pen 🙂
Raybans- Cat Eye Style Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Talk soon lovelies!! xx


Beach Essentials!


Hello Everybody! Today I am going to be talking about my Beach Essentials! Recently I have been spending a lot of time at the beach due to it being Summer here in Australia. So today (with the help of my bestie Mahlee) I am going to talk about my beach essentials! Let’s begin! 

 My first essential is a beach bag! Now this is a must because you need somewhere to store all of your beach essentials. I always take massive beach bags to the beach because I love having the room to take all the stuff I want. This picture is an example of a beach bag you can take. It is super oversized that you can easily fit everything in.


My next essential is a towel. A towel has two uses at the beach and that is to lay on it and to dry yourself off after going for a swim- so it is important to have a thick and durable towel. I just roll my towel up in my beach bag until it is needed on the beach. I use this thick Espirt one because it is really thick and nice to take to the beach. 


 My third essential is sunscreen. Now this is super important at the beach because it protects you from getting burnt which is so important- especially where I live. I always use a 30+ sunscreen at the beach because it protects my extremely fair skin from getting burnt.


Next we have the obvious essential at the beach and they are togs. Whether you wear a bikini or a one piece; togs are a must at the beach and remember if you don’t feel 100% wearing togs at the beach, you can always chuck on a pair of board shorts for a bit more modesty. At this moment I wear one pieces because that is what I feel more comfortable in especially at the beach- but what ever you feel more comfortable in,you wear! 


 The next essential are sunglasses! Sunglasses are a must at the beach to block glare and protect your eyes (they are also are super cute accessory!). My “Club Master” sunglasses I have below are from Cotton On and my Circle ones are from Mascotte. Make sure you wear a good quality pair of sunglasses so your eyes don’t get damaged! 


 Now we have that all important reading material. I like to take magazines (Like Shop or Dolly) down to the beach or a good book like, Looking For Alaska by John Green. Once I have finished swimming at the beach I like to lay on my towel and read a good book or magazine- I find it super relaxing. If reading isn’t your thing, you can take your Phone or iPad and play on it and listen to some music. 


I hope you all enjoyed my Beach Essentials post today! I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great New Year! I am so grateful and thankful to you guys for your help with my blog this year. Achieving now 600 views ( when I expected like 10) is truly amazing, so thank you all so much!


Talk Soon!





This is NOT a sponsored blog post! All opinions are my own.