2013 Highlights


Hello Everybody!


As 2013 is drawing to a close, I felt very reflective and looked back on what a year, 2013 has been. So much of my life has changed, causing me to change so much. Also I have experienced some amazing things that I wanted to share.  Anyways, this post it basically going to cover my year and what I have done. 


Firstly, this year I separated/distanced myself from a very close friendship which left me so upset. I did a post on this earlier this month called “When It’s Time To Move On” if you want this situation in more detail. Anyways, I was very upset and angry at the beginning of this year and couldn’t figure out what I should do, which took up much of my time. I was struggling keeping up with school and my social life and basically trying to sort out everything in my head. However after I took a step back and looked on the situation I went with what my heart wanted and I ended up being sooooo happy.


Following on from distancing myself from that friendship, I found a new group of amazing girls who are now my closest friends. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my friendships at the moment. My friends are so supportive and caring and I feel I really fit in with them. That’s what I think is so important in life; to find where you fit in.  They have been there for me and have been a ridiculously big help during my upsetting year. Also a quick shout-out to my bestie Mahlee (fatlittlefiat.wordpress.com) who was always there for late night texts and rant sessions:) which helped me through the tough times and to be able to come out being the happy girl I am now.


Some other things that were a highlight for me this year were going to the One Direction and Beyoncè concerts. All of the concerts where amazing and my first two concerts ever so they were amazing experiences and thats why they made my 2013 highlights list.


This year I went on an absolutely amazing trip around Alaska and Canada for 3 weeks and I also went to LA for a few days where I visited Disneyland. I am so grateful to have been able to experience such an amazing trip and visit such beautiful areas like Alaska. I actually was on a Disney Cruise whilst in Alaska and it was such an amazing way to see the ice filled area. I love travelling and this trip definitely was a huge highlight of my year.


Also this year I started this blog (obviously haha). Which with your guys’s support, I reached 500 views the other day. Some of you might find that a small amount- however I think it is amazing because I started this blog as a hobby. So THANKYOU. I am so thankful to have all of you guys read my blog and enjoy what I talk about. Thanks to my blog, I also started my Youtube channel late this year- which is so much fun. I will continue my blog and Youtube throughout 2014 and onwards.


Even though this year has had its fair few of troubles, I wouldn’t want to change anything. I don’t want to change a year that has changed me into a happier girl. I honestly can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for me. I also hope you guys have had an amazing year and are ending it on a happy note. I really hope you guys like my blog and enjoy reading it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Talk Soon

Jess xx


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