Dairy No More..?

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Hello Everybody,

Recently, I have been absolutely flat out with exams and assingments- so my diet hasn’t been great. However, I recently made a change that I think has really benefited me and that is, cutting our dairy (mainly milk) from my diet.

Personally, I don’t like milk. The only time I would ever drink it was if if was in tea or a Starbucks Frappuccino. I do not like the flavour on its own. A few months ago, I made the switch to Almond Milk- which I really like. As Almonds are one of my favourite foods, the transition was issue-less. So I thought… It turned out that I actually drank a lot more milk then I thought I did. I’d simply forgotten that in these colder months here in Oz, it doesn’t take much to heat up a glass of full cream milk and add some hot chocolate powder in it for a nice toasty drink. But for some reason, whether it be the health benefits or just because I didn’t like normal milk on its own, I real wanted to make a permanent change to this Almond Milk, which I had come to like so much.

If you don’t know or guess. Almond Milk does have a flavour to it, and does flavour what ever it is mixed or put into e.g Smoothies or Hot Chocolates.

Anyways, over the next couple of weeks, I decided to start making a change to replace the drinks I had, that contained full cream milk to now contain almond milk. I started adding it to my smoothies for my breakfast, my hot chocolate or warmed milk with cinnamon at night and honestly, I have noticed a big change. Not only am I less bloated and no more left with a heavy feeling after drinking tea or hot chocolate, my blemishes and redness on my face have decreased dramatically. Now, I will be honest with you all, I didn’t/don’t have badly blemished skin. I am quite lucky in the fact that I only get a few. But still they are a major self-confidence issue for me. Also, I am very pale, so I have lots of redness on my face 24/7. Almond Milk though, has really helped these issues.

Now, if you are reading this and are still sceptical, my best friend (fatlittlefiat.wordpress.com)has had the same results- only better then mine. From her most recent post, ‘Vegan Is Fab’ she comments on the benefits her non dairy life has given her, “Mum assumed it (dairy products) was making my skin bad and I always felt sick after having it so I just gave it up. Now, it’s almond milk in smoothies, coconut based yoghurt and ice-cream and no cheese.” Head over to her blog to read the full post! I can say her skin is amazing now, since coming off dairy.

I’m not saying that everyone in the world, that has blemishes, should come off dairy. I am just saying that if has worked for both myself and my best friend. And, if you are concerned for your skin or find you feel yuck are having milk or any dairy product, I would say give it a go. Remember, I am no doctor or expert, I am just telling you my experiences with the change of dairy consumption.

Talk Soon
Jess xx