My 10 Winter Essentials

Today I am going to talk about my 10 Essentials For Winter


‘Paper Scissors Union Jack Jumper & Valleygirl Cable Knit Jumper in Cream’

Oversized jumpers and hoodies are an absolute must for me in winter; they are what I live in. If i’m going out I will wear a jumper over some leggings or jeans, and I will basically always wear a hoodie to bed. If it is a warm day but with cool breezes i’ll wear a jumper tucked into high waisted shorts or a skirt.


‘Nation Meditate Body Butter & OM SHE Salt Scrub Mermaid’

This scrub by OM SHE and this moisturizer by Natio are my absolute favorites right now. This scrub has a strong refreshing smell that fills the shower and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It is not an overly abrasive scrub but gets the job done. I use this scrub once a week to keep my skin smooth.I can not say enough good things about this moisturiser; it is absolutely AMAZING!!! It has the most calming smell and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and yucky. It sinks into the skin perfectly and leaves you with a light fragrance of rose. I use this moisturiser every morning and night so my skin stays hydrated.


‘OM SHE Anti-Aging Rosehip Oil’

Rosehip Oil is an absolute skin miracle. When I first got this I was scared to use it due to already be suffering with blemishes and not wanting to add more oil to my skin. But recently I have pulled it out of my bathroom drawer and am so happy I did. This oil has done wonders for my skin, it has calmed the redness of my blemishes amazingly and also prevented them coming back- I haven’t had my skin this clear and calm for ages. I use this every night before going to bed on my whole face.


‘(Top Left) Sportsgirl (Top Right) Rubi (Bottom Left) I do not know, was a gift (Bottom Right) Target’

Beanies are defiantly an essential for winter, they are a great accessory, hide bad hair days and keep your head warm. I don’t have a massive collection of beanies but will be accumulating more this winter 🙂 ! I pretty much always wear my beanies with my hair down, however recently, I have done a side braid or low bun whilst wearing beanies to give it a simpler, nicer look.


‘Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub, Nivea Repair and Protect Lip Balm, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E, Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie’

I use Lip Balm And Lip Scrub all through the year but in Winter it becomes extra important. These three lip balms shown are my absolute go to. These three are always with me at school or in my handbag, they are amazing. They cure my cracked lips in the quickest time ever and leave them nourished for hours!! Lush is very well known for their Bubblegum Lip Scrub (which I have not yet tried), but I adore their ‘Sweet Lips Lip Scrub.’ If my lips get a bit cracked I will buff some of this on and lick it off (because it is eatable- it is delicious) then apply one of the lip balms above, and my lips are left perfectly smooth.


‘AU Naturals Lavender Candle, MOR Black Currant Iris Candle, Yellow Candle Holders from Sportsgirl and Owl form Typo’

I am a big fan of candles, they make the room feel all warm and snug. I honestly don’t often light candles but when I do I love it. Above are some of my favorite candles due to their smell and ambiance they give. I am very picky with candle smells; I can’t have anything too strong or it gives my a headache and I can’t have anything to weak that all I can smell is air (which is nothing). Somedays I will be in the mood for creamy scented candles but other times I will love a fruity, tropical scent; so I have all of the different scents.


‘ Sportsgirl Pout About It- Beauty Queen, Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick- Hot Plum, Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass- Full Speed Ahead, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain- Darling, Sportsgirl Nail It- Rollergirl, Colour by TBN- Garnet, Revlon Nail Enamel-(no colour named), Sinful Colour- Under 18, Sportsgirl Nail It- Moonshine, OPI- If You Moust You Moust, Sportsgirl Nail It- (no colour named)’

In the colder months darker makeup becomes custom, but my favorites to change are lipstick and nail polish colors. As you can see above I love deep, rich colors in the cold months. When I am not at school I will have my nails painted a rich red or purple and my lips will be a plum color or deep pink. I love shopping for darker colors because they always look more sophisticated and are easy to find.


There is nothing like snuggling up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea or chocolate, so this is obviously a MUST!! Every night before I go to bed I will have a strong cup of English Breakfast tea with milk no sugar and on cold winter mornings I will make a nice hot extra chocolatey Hot Chocolate. In the winter months, hot beverages are my main drink, I love them. YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!


‘ Military Boots- Sweet and Vicious, Studded Boots- Target, Heeled Boats- Sportsgirl’

During winter the only shoes I wear are boots. If I am going out for dinner I will wear heeled ones and if I am going out for the day I will wear flat ones. These days there are so many varieties that you are sure to find a pair that suits you. Ankle boots can be an all year boot; you can wear them with shorts, long or short skirts and skater dresses also leggings and jeans. Military boots can add a cute edge to an outfit, I pair mine with leggings and and an oversized jumper or even with a cute skater skirt. Boots with a heel add more of a formal look to tan outfit, I love wearing these with jeans tucked in and a nice top or even with stockings tucked in under a dress.


‘Carols Daughter: Tui Hair Smoothie.’

During the Winter Months my hair get very dry and limp, which is why I adore hair masks. My favorite is ‘Carols Daughter: Tui Hair Smoothie.” This stuff smells so amazing; it smells like bubblegum. After I wash my hair, I comb this through this through my hair (focussing on the bottom half) and leave it for 15 min, then I wash it out with cool water. This leaves my hair detangled, smooth and soft. I only need to use this once at week.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this x

All photos on this post were taken by myself. All opinions are my own- THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED BLOG POST


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